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 Shuttle Service for Ouachita Trail Hikers 





Basic Prices:

 Price for either Summer package is $1,568.00 per person. ($3136.00 per couple)

 We provide:

All transportation from and to our local airport,
All food (including snacks)
All entrance fees to specialty sites (like the diamond mines)

All you need do is fly in to our local airport: Fort Smith Regional Airport (FSW). We can accommodate your travel to alternates such as Tulsa International (TUL) by arrangement.

 We will spend the week with you as guides on the 4-wheeler trails and forest roads. We do all the cooking and set up camps.

                 Something different in the beauty of the Ouachita National Forest in a holiday trip for 2!

 No Crowds. No Waiting in Lines. No Hassles. Be Different!

   Got some questions? Here are some common ones answered. If you don't see your question, use the email links below and ask us.

We give you one of our side-by-sides to operate while on forest trails. The Ouachita River is used by families to enjoy a float trip for a day or overnight.A friend taking the opportunity to shoot our pistols in the back yard.

 Why do you start your holiday packages on Thursdays?

 Our packages were designed for International travelers or those who want to fly here. The best days for air travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can get the cheapest flights available saving you hundreds (or even thousands) in travel costs. If you need to arrive on a different day let us know and we will try to accomodate you.

 I don't have an American credit card or bank account. How do I pay you for the holiday?

 We do accept major credit cards or you may send a wire transfer from your bank to our bank. We will provide account numbers to you if you elect this option. We also use PayPal or Google Checkout for foreign and domestic payments.

 What happens if I need to cancel after I have paid for the holiday? Can I get a refund?

 We understand that emergencies happen and want to be able to help you. We would prefer to help you reschedule to a later date if possible. Alternatively, if we can fill the time you booked with another visitor we will send a refund minus a 10% handling charge to cover our expenses. If we are unable to fill your booked time we will refund you 50%. Please understand, this is a family run personal service - not a corporate travel agency with dozens of employees.

 Why don't you list children's activities or costs?

 You are welcome to bring a child as part of your party but our services are aimed at couples or an adult with a young teenager as the companion. The adult is always responsible for the accompanying minor. This is also why we offer you a side-by-side to operate instead of a 4-wheeler - so you can have a minor with you while riding the trails and forest roads. If a couple wishes to bring a young child (or children) who will not be participating in the adult activities we can help you make arrangements for a daily child-minder.

 Do I really get to keep the precious stones I find when diamond hunting? 

 Yes, you do.   Here is a link to the latest finds that people have taken home. Latest Diamond Finds

 I am not a strong swimmer. How deep are these rivers you float?

 The floating rivers are generally less than 4 feet deep during floating season. You will be provided flotation devices and be encouraged to follow common sense safety rules. The water is cool, not cold, and can often be described as warm.

 What are the summer temperatures like in Oklahoma?

 One reason residents spend so much time around water is we usually see temps in the 90's with mid-summer peaks at 100*. Overnight lows are commonly in the 70-80 degree range. Expect you will see a lot of blue sky with warm/hot breezes. Humidity levels are also high.

 I hear you offer free holidays. How do I get one of those?

 Quick answer is they aren't so much free, as they are earned. If you want to earn a free holiday with us please follow this link: Earn a FREE Holiday.

 What other things do you do?

 We are beekeepers so if you've ever wanted to see the inside of a hive we're happy to oblige. We also brew mead (honey beers and wine) which we're happy to show you how to do. We have a backyard shooting range and you can certainly use our weapons to shoot a few rounds. It includes archery butts, too. There is a good electric piano (Baldwin) at the house if you enjoy playing. Locally, there is a public golf course if you want to play a round while here. There are even casino's nearby if your tastes run to gambling. Obviously we can get you out for a hike (rambling) on the Ouachita Trail which is just over the hill from us. It has some beautiful vistas and forests.

Now What?

 You should contact us for open dates as soon as you have some idea when you want to take your unique holiday. Please use the email address below.

(Click on the dots to reveal the email address) .......@ouachitatrailguide.com


 May  - June  - July  - August  - September

 Terms: We expect you to pay for the trip at the time of reservation in US dollars.