Ouachita Trail Guide

Ouachita Trail Guide Services

 Do you wish you were already on the trail instead of staring at a computer? Here is a small sample.



 Phone: 918-383-0060

Please note this is NOT an emergency number and is NOT monitored 24hrs. 

Mailing Address:

54562 US Highway 59, Heavener, OK 74937


   We guarantee "no hikes from hell." 

 What is a "hike from hell" you ask? These can be caused by a number of things but generally come from your guide's actions.

  • Too fast a pace,
  • Too heavy a load,
  • No concern for hikers as individuals,
  • Rigid adherence to arbitrary schedules,
  • Generic trail foods,
  • Inadequate water supplies,
  • No communication from the guide as to what you can expect, and
  • Insufficient rest stops (we take 15 minutes rest every hour).

 The "no hikes from hell" promise is central to all we offer. We have been on these ourselves and we are determined to never inflict one on someone else. Many things about hiking cannot be controlled (such as quickly changing weather), but guides who are simply along for the fee can ruin an otherwise great experience.

 We have hikers as young as three years old who regularly walk sections of the Ouachita Trail with us. Sometimes they are the ones who ask for these hikes and happily get their small packs ready. Each one carries a small water bottle and a bag of their trail mix (made the way they like to eat). All this kind of enthusiasm takes is some planning and attention to each hiker's needs.

 So when you use our services to enhance your hiking experience you can rely on our promise to find out what makes hiking a great time for you and plan accordingly. There is no reason to take a hike with someone who wants to recreate their military experiences and take you on a route march. We are sometimes passed by people grimly determined to get the walk over as soon as possible.

 Our usual walking speed is 1-2 miles an hour. In a full day, depending on the terrain, we may cover  6-10 miles. Along these miles we will have stopped to examine stuff we found interesting. It may be new fungus, a moss forest, hollow trees, rock piles or out-croppings, snow falls or ice in a stream. Cameras are never far from our hands and we expect that you will share the same love of the outdoors.

 So why hurry the day or hurt ourselves.